Invisio Corona-Update I

Effective immediately, Invisio will react to and care for patients at home

Dear business partners,
Even in these challenging times, Invisio Clinical Studies Consulting is by your side as a professional partner. In order to continue to provide you with the best possible support for your clinical trial projects, we have adapted our working methods to the requirements of the corona pandemic wherever necessary and useful.

One of our primary goals is to make it as comfortable as possible for patients to participate in your clinical trial and to minimize additional burdens — such as the risk of infection, travel times, postponements, or delays in the trial process. To ensure that we succeed in this, the Invisio Flying Study Nurses are  increasingly looking after trial participants at home. With this step, we limit visits to trial centers to a minimum while simultaneously relieving their doctors and medical staff.

How do we approach this? In order to protect both the trial participants and our staff with all available means, we have decided on new measures. This also includes that our Invisio Flying Study Nurses clarify by telephone before the home visit how the respective person feels and whether they have possible corona symptoms. On the ground, the trial assistants take on various tasks which they also carry out independently at the sites. These include: bandage replacement, (picture) documentation of the wound development, blood collection, collection of vital signs, and a query about adverse events (AE/SAEs). They also promptly notify the sponsor and the relevant authorities where required. The trial medication will continue to be administered under medical supervision at the trial center.

Keep well.
Florian Schnabel

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