Invisio Corona Update II

With high-quality protective masks at their disposal, the Invisio Flying Study Nurses are ready to serve

Corona Update

“After an extensive search, we found a serious partner who, despite the current shortage of PPE material, was able to supply us with a large number of FFP2 and surgical masks,” explains Florian Schnabel, managing director of the Mannheim based study service provider. “We had the quality of the mask material additionally tested by the Institute for Occupational Safety and Health of the German Social Accident Insurance; its quality was confirmed. Even during this sensitive time, the protective masks enable us to maintain internal safety standards and provide our Invisio Flying Study Nurses, patients, and business partners with high-quality equipment.” In order to equally relieve both the study participants and the medical staff in the trial centers, Invisio is reorganizing patient care. Schnabel: “As far as possible, our goal is to care for patients at home and to offer them the best possible care while there. This reduces their travel considerations, and they are less exposed to the risk of infection.” The adjustment has already been completed in many projects. Nevertheless, clinic-based care is also continuing. “This applies in particular to trial centers to which we still have unlimited access. Here, we adapt our approach to the individual conditions on site,” says the managing director.

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