Flying Study Nurse

We bring trial assistants and doctors together

Flying Study nurses drive clinical studies while keeping an eye on budget, schedule and recruitment frequency. This makes professional study assistants – such as the Invisio Flying Study nurses – a valuable resource for successful study projects, which also benefits sponsors.

More than 200 Invisio Flying Study nurses support sponsors/CROs throughout Europe in realising clinical study projects of phases 1 to 4 and in complying with international quality standards. As external service providers, they take on project-related tasks in clinics without their own research departments and test centres with high staffing levels and are the contact persons for clients, authorities, doctors, patients and relatives.

Invisio finds the right Flying Study nurse

The main tasks of Invisio include project-specific recruitment and placement, training (on-site or online) and coordination of Invisio Flying Study nurses. In addition, Invisio takes care of personnel management and other administrative activities – such as contracts and accounting.2

Your advantages as a sponsor:

Invisio supervises your clinical studies Europe-wide

From Sweden to Italy, from Portugal to Poland: As the map shows, Invisio is active in numerous member states of the European Union (EU) and other countries beyond.

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Qualifications of the Invisio Flying Study nurses

All study assistants placed by Invisio have successfully completed medical training – whether as medical-technical assistants, health and nursing staff or medical documentalists – as well as a qualifying continuing education as study nurses. They are assigned to projects according to their professional background and have a subject-specific knowledge of English. For projects abroad, only those study assistants are employed who speak the respective national language fluently or at native level.

At a glance: The services of the Invisio Flying Study nurses

Patient management

Data management

Study coordination

Establishment of a GCP/ICH-compliant infrastructure

When should Invisio be included?

In general, Invisio enters into study projects at any time. However: The earlier Invisio is involved in the project, the sooner the study service provider can start with important steps such as the recruitment and coordination of Flying Study nurses or the creation of workflows. The differences at a glance:

Before project start:

After project start:

Have you read them yet?

Invisio takes up the topic of Flying Study nurses in a series of articles. This is published in loose order and provides information with more detailed background texts on the benefits sponsors can derive from working with Flying Study nurses and how permanent staff in study centres can help study assistants to join the team on site.

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