NEW: Invisio offers internal training for Study Nurses

In order to cover the growing requirement for personnel at the company, Invisio has developed an internal training course for Flying Study Nurses. This consists of an online course as well as a practical component – and makes it possible to subsequently work as a Study Nurse at Invisio. Invisio CEO Florian Schnabel provides an insight into the offer.

Why is Invisio offering an internal training course to become a Study Nurse?

Invisio is experiencing very strong growth throughout Germany. This means we are regularly on the lookout for qualified staff. At the same time, the job market in this sector is extremely strained, and almost at breaking point. My team and I wanted to provide further training for medical specialists, to the level of Study Nurses, but were unable to find the course that fits our needs. That is why we came up with an internal training course that is tailored to our company-specific requirements.

Who is the offer aimed towards?

We are appealing to specialists with medical training, e.g. as an occupational health nurse or general nurse, medical technical assistant or medical records technician, who then want to work at Invisio autonomously in the role of study assistant. For those who are interested, it is also possible to take the training course without joining Invisio.

Which elements are included in the internal training course?

The modules include a paid internship, which can be completed while working. This covers 70 hours, but each participant is free to decide how long it takes them. During this period, it goes without saying that the interns’ health insurance is covered by Invisio.
There is also a self-study course, which consists of four modules. The first module is completed in parallel to the practical part, and the remaining modules thereafter. Upon successful completion of the internship and online course, the participants will receive the ‘Invisio Study Nurse’ certificate.

How much does the course cost?

The offer is completely free for participants. Invisio takes on the cost of the course.

What is the focus of the internship?

The goal is to provide prospective Invisio Study Nurses with an extensive insight into their future daily routine. In order to achieve this, they will be supporting experienced study assistants with our clinical study projects.
This will show them, among other things, how to prepare monitoring and audits, and what to be aware of when communicating with sponsors and official authorities. There is also a focus on patient recruitment and logistics.
The training course is generally designed to be very hands-on. We believe it is important to provide interns with the necessary tools. After the course is complete, they should feel confident enough to work independently.

What awaits participants in the online course?

The digital part deals with all of the theory. From basic knowledge of practice through to communication and organization. It also includes a GCP course. This is a key general requirement in order to work as a Study Nurse.
The participants can work through the modules anywhere and at any time. This comes with the advantage that the course can be completed alongside their regular job.

What happens after the course?

Those who successfully complete the internship and the online course can then provide Invisio with full-time or part-time support, or work on clinical study projects ad hoc. It is possible to start work immediately or following consultation.

Any questions?

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