Alina Varaksin

Management Assistant

As Executive Assistant, Alina Varaksin is closely involved in the processes of Invisio Clinical Studies Consulting and often the first contact for business partners, new customers and study nurses. Her area of responsibility includes, among other things, accounting and human resources. The latter includes, for example, interviewing study nurses as well as clinical research associates (CRA) and drafting internal employment contracts. She is also responsible for the management of clinical trial projects that are implemented in a trial center within Germany. In this role, she is in constantly in touch with the parties involved, prepares offers as well as contracts, helps recruit suitable trial personnel and monitors the progress of the project. Alina Varaksin also provides assistance with day-to-day business by taking care of correspondence, managing service providers and organizing meetings. She also represents Invisio externally at trade fairs.

The healthcare manager speaks German, English and Russian and already has several years of professional experience in the medical field and the healthcare industry behind her belt. She regularly updates her expertise by taking GCP courses.

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