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Clinical trials contribute significantly to medical progress.

Our goal is to promote the implementation of national and international clinical trials, and to enable them to be conducted in medical practices or clinics that do not have a clinical research department. To achieve this, we support doctors, clinics and sponsors / CROs in a variety of ways.
With the Invisio Flying Study Nurse, we have created an interface between doctors who are interested in conducting trials and clinical trials. This interface provides nationwide support for doctors in the EU in implementing clinical trials on site. For the duration of the trial, they set up a high-quality GCP / ICH infrastructure in the trial sites and take over all administrative and logistical trial-related activities. The advantage: Principal investigators can solely focus on their activities while the Flying Study Nurse carries out clinical phase 1 to phase 4 trials according to the high international quality standards – all with adequate recruitment frequency.

For national and international sponsors / CROs, we also take over the project management for multicenter clinical trials in the EU. As the project manager, we oversee the entire trial and human resources management – as well as administrative tasks – so that you receive all services from a single source.

Fewer visits to the trial center, more patients included: home care visits can benefit both patients and sponsors/CROs. Invisio recruits, places, and trains medical staff to perform study-specific tasks at the homes of study participants in compliance with GCP and protocol.

Invisio supervises your clinical studies Europe-wide

From Sweden to Italy, from Portugal to Poland: As the map shows, Invisio is active in numerous member states of the European Union (EU) and other countries beyond.

We promote the smooth running of national and international Phase 1 to Phase 4 clinical studies by identifying and enrolling suitable patients on behalf of sponsors and CROs. We believe it is essential to recruit the required number of study patients reliably and promptly in order to avoid delays, rising costs and undesirable market pressure from competitors. If required, we set up a high-quality GCP/ICH infrastructure in on-site test centers and thus create the basis, among other things, for rapid monitoring. In the event that a study in the test center is to receive more attention, we offer that our trained study assistants implement the study on-site as an external support and take over the care of the patients locally and at home.

Another component of our work is trial portfolio optimization. In other words: We analyze all trial projects that have already started or are being planned in your center and identify potentials for improvement. As we are in active exchange with our partner centers throughout Germany, we have a good overview of new and existing patients and can demonstrate a very good recruitment process for our trials. In addition, we use a control system that compares each newly diagnosed patient with available trials and informs the physician about possible trial participants.

If you would like to serve as a trial site, we will of course also advise you on the selection and feasibility of trial projects. In this way, we reduce the number of trials that have to be closed again without recruitment. In order to make things as easy as possible for you, we also carry out the complete preselection of trials.

We recommend that each site define and apply a standard operating procedure (SOP) for its clinical trials. These regulations describe the standardized procedure for all work steps, whereby processes can be made legally compliant and more efficient. Does your site still work without SOPs? We will be happy to help you by creating individual SOPs for you.

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